Our mission

Empowering leaders in education to thrive

Advisory service for leaders who see wellness as the crucial element of growth; achieving ambitious outcomes for all

Our Services

Vigeo -to thrive,  be effective & gain integrity


yourself well

Coaching Emotions for Work-life wellness

Leading yourself to lead others  

Growing a healthy and inclusive culture, vision and values

Identifying the most effective metrics of success

Identify and teach leadership pipelines

Healthy &  Effective Accountability Systems

Effective team building and review

Crucial Conversation Skills

Building and changing cultural behaviours

Conflict Resolution

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Vigeo -to thrive,  flourish & gain momentum


others well

Coaching Emotions / Work-life wellness

Building Effective Teams

Healthy  & Effective Accountability systems

Forging an inclusive  culture 

Developing your own Leadership Presence

Communicate to Lead

Personal Development Planning

Teachers to Leaders Programme - the pipeline to success

Crucial Conversation Skills

Effective Performance Management and Review

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Vigeo - to thrive, be strong and fruitful

Education Setting

Advisory Service

Stop Jumping Hoops ! -Effective School Self Evaluation

Headteacher / Senior Leader Appraisal

Governor / Trustee Support

Inclusive curriculum and assessment review

Subject Leadership - planning for impact on long term memory

SENCO Induction and Support

SEND Reviews

Evaluating Impact of Curriclum for disadvantaged pupils

QA SEND Provision and  EHCPs

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Vigoe - to thrive, be active and grow

Training & Development

Developing quality first teaching

Inclusive curriculum design

Perspectives on the SEND Code of Practice

Writing effective EHCPs / Support Plans

Assessment for inclusive outcomes

Coaching to manage challenging behaviours

Measuring success for disadvantaged pupils or  pupils with SEND

Investing in Teaching Assistant - Evaluating their Impact

Mental Health in Curriculum provision

Can you plan for bereavement, loss or suicide ?

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