Within our inclusive ethos we commit to develop our social responsibility by actively supporting these local initiatives.  

For more information and to consider getting involved yourself, please get in touch. 

 Dementia Charter 

South Ribble

As a Dementia Friendly Community, we are committed to ensuring people with dementia feel understood, valued and are able to contribute to their community

Our organisation commits to support those

in our community who live with Dementia

We aim to ensure

 Members of our organisation become Dementia Friends

 When we consider new policies or strategies we will make sure people living with Dementia are considered

 Our place of business/work is friendly and welcoming and we consider the way it is designed/looks to help people with Dementia have a positive experience

 Any events we hold, we make sure we consider the needs of people living with Dementia so that they are able to fully participate in community life


Disability Confident Employer Commitment

The Disability Confident scheme supports employers to make the most of the talents disabled people can bring to the workplace. Being Disability Confident is an opportunity for employers to lead the way in their community and to discover skills and talents they cannot do without. It can help all your people fulfil their potential and contribute fully to your team’s success.

The scheme is voluntary and access to the guidance, self-assessments and resources is completely free.

The 3 levels are designed to support you on your Disability Confident journey. You must complete each level before moving on to the next.

The guidance for each level explains which commitments you must agree to and which actions you need to take to successfully become:

  • Committed (level 1)

  • Employer (level 2)

  • Leader (level 3)


Flipping the focus

Mindsight. It’s a new outlook that’s all about heart action. Educating the head and empowering the heart to act, to support ourselves and others. We’re a people over profit partner, helping to build the right culture before the crisis and create sustainable, thriving environments in the workspace and beyond.

What we do…

It’s not subtle. We’re creating a new world evolution where physical and mental health are equal. WE WILL positively impact negative mental health statistics, in and outside the workplace. And this is how we’re doing it…

Educate : We help businesses focus on their number one asset; their people, so they thrive in and beyond the workspace.

Engage : This is a lifestyle change, a cultural shift where people are ready to lean into conversations of the heart.

Enlighten : Understanding, sharing what we're going through, and equipping individuals to build environments of care.

Empower : The power of positive change starts with one purposeful conversation.

Enable : Through our model, EVERY ONE of our interactions WILL create at least 6 more positive wellbeing engagements.