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Welcome to Vigeo Partners Ltd


An inclusive education system where teacher leaders and learners of all abilities and backgrounds feel like they belong and are empowered to thrive.


To empower teacher leaders in achieving ambitious outcomes for themselves and their learners by providing high quality coaching and advisory services; where wellness is viewed as a crucial element for growth, effectiveness and impacts on outcomes.

Cole Andrew

Cole founded Vigeo Partners Ltd in 2018 with the vision and mission outlined above.

Cole has  30 years of positive testimony and outcomes as a teacher leader, including Headships in the Southeast and Northwest of England.  His ethos has a strong background in child development approaches to curriculum planning, assessment and classroom pedagogy. 

Cole has a proven track record in senior leadership roles across mainstream, specialist and Local Authority settings; over a 25 year period.  As a Head teacher in an Inclusive mainstream setting in Kent and then an all age special school in the Northwest, Cole realised the significance of prioritising self development, wellbeing and leadership skills with equal import and impact on outcomes.

Vigeo Partners Ltd also has a mission to influence education systems across the world, advocating for Equality of Opportunity for children irrespective of background, ability or any other barrier to learning.  We are passionate about seeking opportunities to partner with any organisation that shares these values; such as UNICEF's Rights Respecting Schools Programme.  

Partnership with


We partner with #TeamADL, a team of multi-professional leaders in a range of disciplines linked to SEND Leadership.  These include all dimensions of need in the SEND Code of Practice and the approach centres on designing and delivering Special Educational Needs & Disability Projects. 


Everyone thriving in education, employment and life.


Developing people

Growing organisations

Strengthening localities

Partnership with

Inclusive Learning North

Inclusion Forums and associated courses seek to develop the quality and impact of provision that is additional to or different from that which is otherwise available for pupils with special educational needs and disability, and other groups of pupils at risk of underachievement and marginalisation. Moreover, they seek to improve and develop the Quality First Teaching (QFT) that such pupils will experience. The vision follows Florian’s (2007, p.15) call for re-imagining how we think about provision for pupils with SEND.    

‘It is the process of providing something “additional to” or “different from” that which is “otherwise available” in school that defines special educational provision. The task is not to defend what is “special” about this kind of provision but to challenge complacency about what is not “otherwise available”‘. (Florian, 2007).

“…as many as half of all pupils identified for School Action would not be identified as having special educational needs if schools focused on improving teaching and learning for all, with individual goals for improvement.”  (Ofsted SEN Review 2010 pg. 5).

‘… inclusion is concerned with all children and young people in schools; it is focused on presence, participation and achievement; inclusion and exclusion are linked together such that inclusion involves the active combating of exclusion; and inclusion is seen as a never-ending process. Thus an inclusive school is one that is on the move, rather than one that has reached a perfect state.’ (Ainscow et al., 2006).

Partnership with


Equip and Build promotes holistic health, wellbeing and wellness that leads to greater positivity, self-belief and actions. We only get one life, let's live it well. 

At Equip and Build, the heart and passion is to see people reach their full potential, whatever that looks like.  We believe everyone has strengths, abilities, skills and knowledge, as well as the ‘right’ to achieve all that they can.

The American social reformer, and abolitionist, Frederick Douglass said, ‘It is easier to build  strong children, than repair broken men.’ We provide the opportunity to do both, through bespoke training and consultancy, working together, with one mind and purpose.

  • We run many different course across our three categories.

  • We promote group learning in an encouraging environment.

  • All our courses increase health and wellness.

  • Our courses take place in a variety of venues.

  • We have a wealth of experience that enables others to fulfil their potential.

Partnership with

Simon Wilson

Pupil Relationship and Behaviour Support

Simon has a wealth of expertise and credibility in school based practice, working with children and young people with social emotional mental health needs.  He takes an inclusive approach to implementing strategies that are effective and also develop positive working relationships with pupils.

Simon's Behaviour support approaches  include:

  • Whole school behaviour walks

  • Policy advice

As well as training for leaders, teaching and ancillary/support staff:

  • developing positive relationships

  • post incident learning / planning

  • managing escalating situations

  • in-class preparation for positive behaviour support

  • strategies to support the de-escalation of situations of conflict

  • preparation of Behaviour Support Plans