Our mission

Empowering leaders in education to thrive

achieving ambitious outcomes for all;
School Advisory service for leaders seeking postitive Growth and effectiveness

Our Approach and Services

Vigeo -to thrive,  be effective & gain integrity


yourself well

Emotion Coaching for maximum work life effectiveness

Leading yourself to lead others  effectively

Growing a healthy and inclusive culture, vision and values

Identifying the most effective metrics of success

Identify and teach leadership pipelines

Healthy &  Effective Accountability Systems

Effective team building and review

Crucial Conversation Skills

Building and changing cultural behaviours

Conflict Resolution skills

Vigeo -to thrive,  flourish & gain momentum


others well

Emotion Coaching for maximum organisation effectiveness

Building Effective Teams for impact

Healthy  & Effective Accountability systems

Forging an inclusive  culture for success

Developing your own Leadership Presence

Communicate to Lead

Personal Development Planning

Teachers to Leaders Programme - the pipeline to success

Crucial Conversation Skills

Effective Performance Management and Review

Vigeo - to thrive, be strong and fruitful

Education Setting

Advisory Service

Stop Jumping Hoops ! -Effective School Self Evaluation

Headteacher / Senior Leader Appraisal

Governor / Trustee Support

Inclusive curriculum and assessment review

Subject Leadership - planning for impact on long term memory

SENCO Induction and Support

SEND Reviews

Evaluating Impact of Curriclum for disadvantaged pupils

QA SEND Provision and  EHCPs

Local Authority SEND Team Coaching

Vigeo - to thrive, be active and grow

Training & Development

Developing quality first teaching

Inclusive curriculum design

Perspectives on the SEND Code of Practice

Writing effective EHCPs / SEND Support Plans

Assessment for inclusive outcomes

Coaching to manage challenging behaviours

Measuring success for disadvantaged pupils or  pupils with SEND

Investing in Teaching Assistants - Evaluating their Impact

Mental Health in Curriculum provision

Pro-active policy for supporting awareness of  bereavement, loss or suicide