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In uncertain and anxious times, it is vital that school leaders take time to care for themselves in order to sustain strength and growth through this season of uncertainty and partial / full closures.  This is also important for the school community to see and sense.  You need to feel supported whilst still giving everyone a sense of purpose, focus and direction.  With that in mind, the “Virtual SLT Programme” is designed to provide a process and structure to help you and your teams sustain strength, take time to reflect and to dare to think forward strategically and practically.

How will this work?

Weekly online sessions, 1.5 hour each, to provide your teams facilitated support through a sequenced programme. Each session includes a focus that can then be cascaded through the rest of your staff teams (as you feel appropriate) by delivering your own online focused staff meetings. It also provides an opportunity to be walked through a weekly process helping the SLT in galvanising at a time when this is physically difficult to achieve.  The recommended weekly programme can be personalised to the bespoke needs of each school in discussion with the Head teacher. 

 Example Session format :

  • 10 mins Welcome and team support exercises

  • 15 mins Formal teaching – aspects of leadership development

  • 20 mins Focused activity in response and agree next steps for the team to work on together mid-week

  • 10 mins Update on school situation using SWOT analysis

  • 15 mins Joint QA and problem solving

  • 15 mins Recommendation for exercise to cascade to other school staff / teams

  • HT review and Plan 1-1 sessions and/or staff team support (optional)

Programme outline

10 weekly sessions covering a wide range of topics including vision and values, curriculum leadership, developing staff, SEND and much more.  Sessions can also be tailored to the current School Improvement Priorities. 

For information about the detailed programme, please contact us for an initial discussion.


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