VIGEO Partners Ltd


  • Training Development programme for Teaching Assistants

  • Review impact of Targeted Intervention and role of Teaching Assistants

  • Supporting pupils with Challenging Behaviours

  • Understanding the Code of Practice 2014

  • Understanding and working with people with Autism

  • Child Protection Awareness - in relation to Special Educational Needs and Disability

  • Write Dance

  • Quality First Teaching

  • Questioning techniques-Blooms Taxonomy


  • Supported staff awareness of autism and strategies to support people within the community

  • Programme of skills development opportunity for Teaching Assistants for local mainstream consortium of schools.

  • Supported SENCO forum in evaluating outcomes in line with OFSTED Handbook guidance.

  • Training Newly Qualified staff in understanding causes of challenging behaviours and exploring strategies to help.

  • Training NQTs in understanding their responsibilities as outlined in the Code Of Practice (2014)

  • Training SENCOs in understanding the impact of disability can have in relation to Child Protection concerns.

  • Supported Secondary schools in identifying effective strategies for Quality First Teaching, and waves of intervention support for all pupils.

  • Supported Teaching Assistants in effective use of questioning to maximise learning for pupils within lessons.  


  • Autism friendly opportunities made available in local businesses

  • Improved outcomes for business in relation to Equality Act 2010.

  • Impact of Teaching Assistant roles more clearly defined

  • Increased confidence of support staff in working with pupils with SEND

  • SENCOs more skilled and confident in evaluating provision and action planning.

  • Reduction in incidents of challenging behaviours

  • Successful differentiation of lesson plans

  • SENCO well prepared for Case Conferences involving children with disabilities

  • Whole school awareness of expected approaches to teaching and learning strategies improved pupil progress in lessons

  • Teaching Assistants used more effective questioning to improve pupils’ learning