VIGEO Partners Ltd


  • Impact of Curriculum

  • Online data dashboard - progress of groups

  • Audit SEND Register 

  • Helping staff differentiate  pupils with SEND from under performance

  • Evaluate impact of Intervention Programmes

  • Evaluative approach to Provision Mapping

  • SEND Review  process - 

  • Pre-OFSTED planning

  • Coach and mentor newly appointed SENCO



  • Supporting school Leaders in evaluating the impact of practice around pupils with SEND and other groups of pupils (including Higher achieving pupils)

  • Supporting Senior and Middle Leaders in using the Raise On Line and in house systems to evaluate outcomes for different groups of pupils

  • Supporting schools in identifying pupils with Special Educational Needs and differentiating them from pupils who have under-achieved

  • Supporting schools in setting effective systems for monitoring the SEN register or SEN Provision tracking

  • Trained whole staff on effective use of provision mapping to evaluate the impact of targeted support/intervention programmes

  • Trained SENCO Forums in carrying out their own school based SEND Review

  • Coached newly appointed SENCOs in Secondary and Primary Schools


  • Effective evaluation of pupil progress fed into appropriate school improvement planning

  • SENCOs feedback positive support in managing change in culture when supporting staff training and development

  • SEND registers brought into line with current research and accountability frameworks

  • Successful induction of SENCOs

  • Class based teachers more confident in identifying pupils with SEND and differentiating their classroom practice

  • More consistent approaches in supporting pupils with SEND across Secondary School departments