VIGEO Partners Ltd


  • Review curriculum maps - sequence of learning

  • Support application for Special Free School (Curriculum and Assessment)

  • Assessment of pupils functioning below National Curriculum expectations

  • Assessing Social Emotional Development

  • Alternative strategies for evidencing pupil progress across the curriculum


  • 20 years experience in leading Mainstream and Special School settings 

  • Supported a team in identifying curriculum and assessment plans when applying to the DFE for setting up a Free School for pupils with 'high functioning' autism

  • Action Research projects with Canterbury Christ Church University focusing on Curriculum Design and Development- improving pupil engagement

  • School based lead as a trial school with Professor Barry Carpenter's Engagement Profiling

  • Introduced various systems for tracking progress of pupils with Special Educational Needs in mainstream and specialist settings over a 25 year period

  • Supported local Primary Schools in setting up systems for tracking pupil progress following the introduction of the new National Curriculum framework (2014 onward)


  • Successful application for Free School status

  • Outstanding outcomes in OFTSED inspections achieved with assessment systems I designed

  • Increased levels of pupil engagement in lessons

  • Middle Leaders gained skills and positive impact on whole school Curriculum practice

  • Curriculum research identified increased pupil motivation and engagement